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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Trying to enhance composite RCA graphics of Nintendo 64 : Mario Kart 64

Hi everyone, i actually have two N64 (Eur & Japanese), but it's not rgb modded, and i don't want to do itself. xD, So i will try another method with using Video Processing. But i'm not use Framemeister because it's hard to find in my area, and are too pricey if its imported in my country.. xD. I use any tools that i have.

OSSC and Denon AVR-X2700H.

OSSC + OSSC Addon Board

Input RCA

The Rca will Converted into RGB

From OSSC I convert into AVR X2700H Denon that have 4K/8K enhancement capabilites.

AVR X2700H

Here's my setup to get best results in my 8K TV. Actually when trying this, my ossc addon board still not come, i use Mygica HD Cap-X2 that have rca input, then it output to HDMI, then convert to VGA. So if use OSSC addon board just plug the rca into ossc addon board rca input.

My OSSC Setup (detected as 576i because using mygica), if use ossc addon board you will get 240p or 480p.

Line 2x

Scanlines Custom:

Sub Line 2 STR : 43%

Sub Line 4 STR : 100%

Sub Column 2 and 4 : 31%

in Denon it upscaled to 4K50fps,

Here's the looks, and it's 8K QLED TV 55inch from samsung:

Actually is not to bad, looks better than if only using rca without any video processing. If you wan't to see the video capture directly in 4K here's

If you have ossc then you can try my setup above.

Hope it will be useful.. :D

Have a nice day.. :)

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