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Thursday, January 26, 2023

How to play PS5 in CRT TV with RCA/Composite input

I know modern monitor or TV is the best for playing playstation 5. But for some people, especially if they interesting in retro or have some CRT TV's, of course will think can the PS5 will be run on that old CRT. Most of Old CRT TVs only have AV Input (Composite), but on modern CRT have component input too. But mostly 480i that cannot accept 480p.



On this modern era, there are any tools that help for that purpose. There are tools like video converters. Such as VGA to HDMI, HDMI to VGA, HDMI to AV, AV to HDMI, VGA to AV, HDMI to COMPONENT, etc. But for this purpose wee need only HDMI to AV for CRT that have only Composite input. Or HDMI to Component for CRT that support 480p.

Here's for HDMI to AV tools:

HDMI 2 AV its cheap.. :D

You need usb mini cable to power up, it's inclued. You can select for NTSC and PAL. Just Plug and play, and ready to go. But the screen is stretched to 4:3 ratio.. :D

Ok that's it, here's the video, but my crt have problems in capacitor it's woobly in some area.

Have a nice day

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