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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

How to convert RCA Composite PAL/NTSC Signal to work in NTSC/Pal Only TV using this cheap hdmi converter

Hi everyone, any Modern TV will autodetect PAL/NTSC Signal but for Older TV, such as CRT TV. Will not accept if it from different region. If you have tv from europe mostly it's PAL, this tv model will not accept signal from NTSC, and vice versa. It will flickering or just show black white with moving screen.

Actually there's tool that capable for that using NTSC and PAL selector. But the tools that i use not work. or do nothing. Maybe the tools that i have have faulty. So i try another methods.

It's just convert the any PAL/NTSC signal to HDMI, then output to HDMI into AV signal with PAL/NTSC Switch.

Here's my layout:

Just put the input the rca to av2 hdmi, then outputting into hdmi2av. Of course these 2 tools need 2 usb powered cable. But for the results is look good in my opinion. 

Nintendo 64 EUR in NTSC Mini TV CRT

Well just that, you can try my method if other things not work for you.. :)

Have a nice day.. :)

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