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Monday, January 23, 2023

Games from the 90-20s that I played

Hi, this will be the my first post blog. Well i'm actually not die hard gamers, just a casual gamer. I was born in 1985, and of course at the beginning of 90's i love to play gaming too. But its too limited at that times. As i remember (but maybe not correct) the games that i play is mostly handheld devices, such as tetris and game watch.

The looks maybe looks like these:

Tetris Handheld Games


Game Watch


Actually only Handheld Tetris and Some cheap gamewatch that my parents can afford at that times. Gameboy, Game Gear there's nothing can i do for playing that.  Maybe just watch other play. :D

I got a gift from my father's sister, which is a console similar to the nes famicom, but I think it's a clone of NES famicom. It have game such as Contra, Mario, TMNT. This was my first console.. :D although it not original from nintendo.

Dingdong or Arcade Games also was my great era. I used to play in "Time Zone" for playing Soul Calibur, racing arcade games. That was fun.

When my father can afford PC for his work, I was introduced to games by my father's co-workers. The first games that i remember was.


This is helicopter shooters games, arcade. Just shoot and avoid obstacle. I'm so exciting with this games. Below is the games that looks like.. :D

Because of that i addicted to games, and make my father PC explodes.. xD i don't know why that happens. At that times the PC that i use is equip with DOS System. Actually i have a nes famicom clone but i forget what happen to that console, whenI only play with my father's PC, when the others (some of my friends) have console (SEGA, NES). I forgot what happen with my famicom clone. After that i Play with Gaming PC. 

Here's the games that i still remember that play at that time.


Well this games is arcade games and this games of course clone of popular pacman games. This games features 5 different worlds. Cool Graphics and character.

Street Ball

This games is another fun puzzle/arcade games. The aim of this games is to move the ball (bounce it), and collect item that are scattered on level to unlock new map. This games is make me frustated when going to high level.. :D

Prehistorik 2

It's 2D Platformers games, produced by Titus Interactive in 1993, this games is very addictive it's looks like flinstones. I fall a love with jump and run for the first times with this games.. :)


Supaplex is a games that similar to Pacman but with modern looks and more frustating level.. xD. This games is re released now. Available in any platform (mobile and pc).


The games is a puzzle strategy games that you need to guide a group of lemmings through any obstacles to a designated exit. This was also my favourite games and fun to play.

Lotus III Challenge

This games that make me collect racing games than other genres. You will see i will upload about racing games equipments in this blog. :D

There are many games that i was play but i just really like 2d platformers and racing.


My Fathers buy mothern PC's maybe in 1997 and at this time i got more titles that interesting me. Well racing was my favourite at this times.

Destruction Derby 2

The games that i play alot was Destruction Derby 2. This games is like wrekfest in modern games. It's hard to get point in wreck mode, so i mostly play in racing mode, until i found best way to get more points in wreck mode.

Need For Speed Series

I actually have collected the old PC gaming of NFS today, and the most i play was NFS III High Stakes, because there are a lot of mod of it.. :D so can add more cars on this.

There are also other titles that i play, Midtown Madness, Monster Truck Madness, and Motorcross Madness, 

Another Genres that i also play was RPG Games its Final Fantasy VIII (PC Versions). In PC version there are mini games outside the main program. Is chocobo, you can get reward of items. But i have the tricks, just copy and replace the save mini games. it will get random item instantly.. :D mostly i got hero items.. :D

And thats that i can remembers for 90-2003, i can't afford any console at that times. I know there's a PS1, N64, Dreamcast, but nothing can i do, i only just visit the gamestore or read the game magazine, or play on "TimeZone" with arcade gaming. I happy with that.. :D


This was my great times of gaming, i can afford the PS2... :D  i saving up my pocket money that given by my parents. Then bought it it between 2003-2005 i forgot when..

Well i will not say games that was i play, but the best games and fun for me was Tourist Trophy and Gran Turismo 4

2009-2019 Well this times i don't get into gaming, because i need to married and get to the job... :), 

and i need to stop post here this post is  for my introduction. 

And I will post my collection that i start since 2019 in my blog.

That's is it. Well game is just a game, don't spend too much time playing games. 

Don't forget to Pray. Always Remember Alloh.


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