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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Driving Emotion Type S (JPN) Racing games that cannot be played normally even using specialized controller

Driving Emotion Type S is Racing games developed by Escape (subsidiary of square). Published in Japan March 30, 2000. The game features officially licensed cars from international manufactures. The games have several modes of gameplay, including training mode  and two player.

I have the japan version of this games. Japanese version have some problems in game's handling. Using normal controller the cars is looks icy in every road.

Game Cover and the cars list

Car Selection

Actually i have a namco negcon controller, and try to drive a car with that in this games. then same problem happens.., its hard to control car in the games, every road is icy... :D

namco negcon.

But in some setting you can adjust the feel, although not perfect but it feels better. In non japanese version, the handling have some fixes but i don't have eur/usa versions.. :(, but i rarely play this games just for my collection. :D here's some snapshot of gameplay.

3rd view


Onboard view

Sadly this games not so popular like gran turismo 3 or 4. If it polished up and the controller was comfortable maybe it will be good.

Ok that's is it, if you wan't to see the video here's

Have a nice day.. :D

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